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    Playoffs here we come!

    20.11.2010 - rekk

    We're now through regular season in EQL12. After an even and very exiting first stage we finished third after Bad Luck Troopers and ChoseN. We have one match less than the clans mentioned above, but playing the last match has no effect in the final standings.

    Division 2 has been very interesting this season. Seems like all teams can beat each other. We won ChoseN and In Ablaze but lost to Magnum44. ChoseN then went on to win M44 and lost to In Ablaze. The most convincing side has been the Bad Luck Troopers who won every single match except against ChoseN... Yeah, you get the picture now.

    All in all, we've been doing quite good job in our division since we haven't been training almost at all. We had two new guys in our team when the season started so we could manage to get our games played. These guys are Omny and Miroslav. SSC seemed to interest players then and we had to say "no thanks" to few since we had enough players to get by.

    Our new additions have filled their spots very well to this point and Omny has been our most active member since he joined our roster. GJ! Miroslav is also skilled and definitely adds to our teamplay.

    While still in process, this EQL looks to be the most fun in a while, mostly thanks to good competition and our ability to play our games and win.

    I've heard rumours that our next opponent will be M44. We lost straight 2-0 our last encounter so it will be very very exiting. Be sure to check us out in the playoffs!



    19.11.2010 13:20:49


    Hooray! We're gonna play all other teams off the tournament!


    23.12.2010 22:26:48


    Well.. that didn't go as we hoped... :/

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