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    2nd place @ EQL10 Div3 for SSC

    22.12.2009 - Slaughter

    SSC ended up in second place in the 10th edition of European Quake League late in sunday evening after a quite expected loss 1-3 against the sovereign team in our div, Teamkillers. In the semifinals we were able to beat the polish clan Magnum 44 2-1, but our final opponent was a bit too much this time. We are still quite happy for the result, since we were among the most active clans in our division and we certainly did not lose to an inferior clan; as a matter of fact, TKS did not lose a single match and lost only 3 maps in the whole season including playoffs.

    More detailed information about our final match can be found from the match report.

    Now it's time to take a little break from the competitive QW-playing, but I'm sure we will continue our journey in the next QW-league starting maybe early next year.

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