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    1000 Reported Matches Milestone!

    15.11.2009 - Slaughter

    Whoah, now we reached the 1000 (that's one thousand) reported matches. That means loads of hours SSC has spent in QuakeWorld. The statistics show that nearly half of the matches are indeed official with 535 matches reported just as a practise match (and 465 as official). We would have reached this milestone a way earlier if just we kept reporting also all the pracs we've played. But this peculiar habit of reporting also practise matches was stopped by the end of 2006. The next milestone we are aiming at is of course the 500 official matches milestone and we are only(?) 35 matches short so we can actually made it some day...



    19.11.2009 16:52:36


    Moicca, meikä on leffas ja tuun siinä kasin jälkeen kotiin. Sit mähinät päälle :e

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