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    Random IRC-quote » News » Pages back up and SSC joining EQL8!


    Pages back up and SSC joining EQL8!

    20.10.2008 - Slaughter

    WTF! That was my first thought when I found out that was back up after over two months of down time. This can be just a temporary thing, but we'll see what happens. I got plenty of time to make temporary pages for SSC in the meantime (down time) and they can be found @ I don't know if we should move the whole pages there altogether being overly frustrated about our pages being down constantly.

    But now for some merrier announcement: SSC has joined European Quake League's season 8! We were placed to division 4, guess that's the right estimate of our skills. Sadly we have the smallest roster possible, but we could still play our matches, honestly. We needed to recruit one active(ish) member, mech to help our chances to get 4 players online at the same time(!) Maybe we should get a couple more just to be on the safe side...

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