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What is happening?

5.1.2008 - Slaughter

What is happening with SSC is the question without an answer. After the latest league we participated (EQL5) Blob decided to cowardly quit QW to lose his money in poker instead, and seni & Demonarch soon followed for various reasons. And after Milton and Skisso sadly traitored and joined tVS with Ihminen, SSC became a one-man-clan (me)... :/

I dunno what's happening to SSC this year, but some light can be seen from the end of a tunnel in a sense since Blob talked briefly about starting QW again. And seni played a couple of duels and rounds of mixed yesterday. If the activity rises, I think Milton and Skisso will be again at SSC's disposal and we could get a full team... It's a long way to join some league from there, but it would be a start definitely.


Logic (

21.1.2008 16:43:25


Go go go go. Best clan name ever has to survive.

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