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    The first of may poker tournament

    2.5.2007 - seni

    Yesterday we saw a 'fight till the death' tournament when couple of ssc members held a poker 1on1on1on1on1 match. Just after second round we saw some qw-drama when seni aka bushbaboon decided to test Jukka's (not related to clan koff) nerves and call it ALL IN. Seni lost. There were some whine afterwards but after small reality check (which was actually the fear of losing his beers and G5 mouse) seni cheered up and continued drinking and advising Jammu.

    You can check how good consultant seni is (if you ever need his services) by watching video from youtube here:

    Blob also dropped out after counting on a small pair of twos and calling it ALL IN. The sentence of the day 'anna mennä!' kept the spirit of the game at its fullinest.

    In the very end Ile (known as cs-ile by his style of play) and Jukka shared the whole pot of 10 euros. This was probably the best choice because Ile feared losing his savings, and after some ninja-threat issues we were forced to end this game peacefully.

    It was obvious these guys bid the whole night @ local bar.



    5.5.2007 02:21:00


    I like to win and even more i like to get free cash! So please seni, if you ever want to play again, please call me.

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