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    Hardware failure!

    22.2.2006 - Slaughter

    After a week long wait, our host sorted out the hardware failure that happened last week. All of our data was lost, but fortunately we have always remembered to take back-ups (*cough*). Seriously speaking the fact that database was not affected saved our butts. I just hope we can pick up the remaining pieces and build the site back. Some of the screenshots will be lost anyway I think, but that's something we will have to live with.



    2.4.2006 16:00:00


    ATM the situation doesn't look so dim anymore. A little over 10% (~300 pcs) of all the screenshots are now still missing, but we are working on to find the remaining sshots somewhere. Everything else seems to be in place, albeit the temporary directory contents of all members are lost forever. Hopefully there was no crucial data stored in them..

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