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    First impressions on Quake 4

    1.11.2005 - Blob

    First I would like to say that personally i'm quite disappointed to Quake 4. Seems like Raven pushed out a game that still has some quite bad bugs. The physics are almost like in Q3A with just a little bit more air control. New feature in the physics engine is the crouch slide. So when you land from a jump pad, crouching helps you keep up the speed and gives you a little bit more control.

    But now the downsides. There are lot of annoyances in Quake 4. Seems like the engine needs some Carmack skills when it comes to optimizing. I have A64 3500 and GF6600 and I get major FPS drops in FFA with more than 10 players. I know my GPU isn't the latest, but i've heard the same problems in high end machines with GF7800 GTX. It sucks.

    The stock weapon aka machine gun has a horrible sound when used, so you can't hear anything else when there are two or three players blasting at the same time. Other weapons have no problems with this issue.

    The maps suck big time for anything else than FFA. There are only few playable maps for TDM, every other is some kind of space-jump-pad-gayness with rail pwnage. It sucks. I hope to see some better custom maps soon.

    The game has few other bugs, like random hangs or crashes when changing maps. And then you need to have exactly the same as in the server or you can't get in. The demo recording sucks also, it causes signicant fps loss and creates huge demofiles (7 mins = 500 megabytes). Enemy models blend quite nicely to the walls and you can't even force the player models.

    Seems like Quake 4 has been a huge disappointment and everybody is waiting for Raven to release first patches.


    Hell_ (

    2.11.2005 04:10:52


    Yep the game is buggy but it's also A PIECE OF SHIT.


    3.11.2005 15:04:59


    You don't have to use jump pads to get enough speed for crouch sliding.

    Specci (

    8.11.2005 14:08:59


    gg, trickmaster-milton :> and I also agree with Hell, it is piece of shit indeed, and not a small piece that is

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