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    Activity raises its ugly head(?)

    27.9.2005 - Slaughter

    It seems like our activity is rising along with the rest of the scene (or even more). After a very passive summer, we have actually managed to play some pracs. Nothing really serious, but those are steps to the right direction I'm sure. Sadly, there are no new news about the resurrection of the We also have to wait and see what happens with the next NQR. All hope is not lost... yet.

    On another note, Milton started his academic career recently following my footsteps. Too bad, the student network is overcrowded atm, so Milton is forced to get a connection from another ISP if he ever wants a stable ping. That brings more problems, since there weren't many suitable ISP's available because of the location of his residence. Now it takes still over a month(!) to get the connection ready. In the meanwhile we try to prac as hard as we can, so we are ready for the return of the king-potato.

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