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    We are teh champs, FDSX released and more!

    1.6.2005 - Demonarch

    A lot has been going on in the Satanic Slaughter Clan camp lately, here's a little update on what's how now:

    Last night (31.5) after a tough fight we managed to won russian fraggers 4 Honor in a five-rounded battle for the championship of Nations Quake Rank 8 division 2. GGs for 4H and the other clans in div2. See you in the next season.

    In other news, NQR 4on4 Ladder season 1 ended also last night 23:59 and SSC was holding the top position at that moment, so it's a double victory for us. :) Thanks to our ladder opponents for great games!

    Oh wait, there's still more, believe it or not! Seni finished our third movie, Frags Done Satanic X last evening. Grab your copy at SSC's file repository through the following links:

    » FDSX high quality version (790MB)
    » FDSX low quality version (312MB)

    If you don't feel like downloading the high quality version weighing near 800 megs we advice you to take the "low" quality version, despite it's label it is still of a very decent quality.

    And for the last, a slight update on the SSC LAN VII: there's still 22 days left to sign up for the lan, the amount of attendants seems quite low at the moment and that's too bad.. but the LAN will be held no matter how many people will attend to it. We still encourage the finnish qw-scene to come to the LAN-party. We are also planning on an another event this fall, hopefully it will be more of a success than its predecessor.

    To put it short: greets to the clans we played against in NQR8/NQR ladder, download and enjoy the movie and attend the LAN! Cheers.



    1.6.2005 16:31:39


    Nothing more to add, GVG! Weee aaare teh chaaaamppiooooons...

    Well maybe we can now take a little summer break from QW.

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