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15.4.2005 - Demonarch

Satanic Slaughter Clan has organized various LAN events in the past and so we
came up with the idea to register an association to make it even more
professional. That's how SSC.lan association was created.

Our first LAN event will be a LAN party for the QW scene. Finnish players
don't have a LAN like the Swedish QHLAN and we're trying to fill that void.
We hope to see the majority of the Finnish QuakeWorld scene there to meet up
and have fun.

We welcome foreign participants but unfortunately we don't have the resources
to rent out monitors or provide transportation. It's not a long trip
(e.g. from Sweden you can get a ferry from Stockholm) so you can easily bring
your monitors and computers along in a car. It would be nice to see some
unfamiliar faces there!

The gates will open at 18:00 on Friday June 17th and close at 15:00 on Sunday
June 19th. Electricity and network will be shut down at 14:00 on the closing

The LAN will take place in Lintulaakson koulu in Espoo, 15km northeast of
Helsinki, Finland.

Entry fee?
The entrance fee is 15 EUR. We're doing this for the QW scene and we will not
be hiring any staff nor giving out prize money. We think that the majority of
participants would prefer a low entry fee over the possibility of receiving
prize money.

Seat booking?
There will be about 90 seats available and you will be able to book them via an
online seatbooking service. First you will have to register to obtain a
password. Then you will be able to book your place, and once you have done this
you will be given the necessary information for payment. After we receive your
payment your seat will be reserved. It's as simple as that!

The LAN is meant only for QW players, so we're not providing servers or services
for any other games. At the very least there will be 1on1 and 4on4 tournaments

Network and internet?
The network will be a 100mbit switched network. We will also have WLAN coverage
in the area. Internet connectivity will be via a 10mbit line provided by Song

You can find detailed info on our LAN website at
The content is in finnish only since majority of the participants come from
Finland. If you have any questions, please come to #ssc.lan @ QuakeNet and ask
us. We have also created a discussion thread on the forums!

See you at SSC LAN VII!
-SSC.lan staff



16.4.2005 11:29:35




19.4.2005 19:08:02


Hyvällä sakilla ollaan tulossa kun vissiin kaikki enemmän tai vähemmän aktiivit SSC-jäsenet on tulossa, w00t.

B1aze (unknown)

9.7.2005 14:23:38


Any results?


12.7.2005 21:54:09


Lans were cancelled due to lack of interest.. :/ better luck next fall.

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