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QuakeWorld version 2.2 is out

16.5.1998 - Blob

Important stuff you want to know:

* TeamFortress will NOT work with QuakeWorld 2.2 untill an update to TeamFortress is released. The TeamFortress team is aware of the problem.
* Packets are now restricted to 1500 bytes for broken routers. This will alieviate problems with logon hanging at "Checking Models...".
* A fix for broken NAT routers that should allow more reliable connections to servers.
* Tons of anit-cheating and anti-hacking protections.

Here's the release notes:

QuakeWorld v2.2 Release Notes (May 11,1998)
Copyright id Software 1996, 1997, 1998

Dave 'Zoid' Kirsch

Jack 'Morbid' Mathews

2.20 Changes to QuakeWorld Server

- Map checksumming. Client map must match server.

- Packets are now restricted to 1500 bytes for broken routers.
- Server signon sequence changed to multipart due to new packet size
- Challenge/response system to stop spoofing
- New internal port handling to route through broken NAT routers.
- Client userinfo spamming reduced
- Name changes are broadcast

- Player physics tuned to be more like original Quake
- Autoaim is off by default in the server (sv_aim 2)
- Serverinfo watervis controls whether clients with GLQWCL can enable

2.20 Changes to QuakeWorld Client

- Signon sequence changed to correspond to new server protocol
- Demos can now be initiated during a server connection

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