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QuakeWorld version 2.3 is out

28.6.1998 - Blob

A new version with significant new features like chase cam and the pl meter in the scoreboard are introduced. Here's the changelog from earlier versions:

QuakeWorld v2.30 Release Notes (Aug 26,1998)
Copyright id Software 1996, 1997, 1998

Dave 'Zoid' Kirsch

Jack 'Morbid' Mathews

2.30 Changes to QuakeWorld Server

- Fixed many of the overflow problems found in 2.2x
- Minor fixes to player movement code
- sv_mapcheck defautls to on

2.30 Chanes to QuakeWorld Client

- "crosshaircolor" controls the color for the crosshair in "crosshair 2"
Values are 0 through 255 and represent a color in the palette.
- "cl_chasecam 1" while in spectator mode gives a through-the-eyes view
of the player.
- gl_cshiftpercent controls the blend precentage in GLQWCL (default 100).
- Packet loss meter added to player scoreboard, "PL" is the column title.
This indicates the amount of packet loss the player is receiving.

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