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Last official version of QuakeWorld released

21.12.1998 - Blob

Like id has always done something nice just before christmas, they released a new bug fixed version of official QuakeWorld client that would remain the last. Here's the post from Zoid:

A new test release is now available. This addresses a few more outstanding issues in the QuakeWorld client. Assuming that no problems show up with this release, 2.4 should be available then after the holidays.

Test release 2.33-0005 is now available. Changes are:

* Added cvar v_contentblend which allows disabling of the blend color in liquids, this works in GL as well (so GL users can control liquid blends independantly of polyblend).
* GL version: added -no8bit command line parameter to disable 8bit textures. This can improve submip visual quality.
* Fixed new mouse handling bug to let go of mouse cursour when alt-tabbing and the console wasn't down
* Some interal fixes to make cheating a bit harder
* Out of band disconnect (0x02) packet is now ignored.

Test release 2.33-0005 downloads:

* Windows 95/NT Client and Server Version 2.33-0005 (upgrade from previous releases only)
* Other platforms will soon follow

As people may have noticed, I changed they way I handled updates to QuakeWorld. Even though I has hoped 2.30 would be the last version (it was only the seriousness of the denial of service attacks that I'm developing this new release) I'm trying out a new build, test and release method with this version.

Previously, I would work on a release internally and use my own beta testers. This had several problems: (a) beta testers, being human and wanting to show off, would end up leaking out a beta client, causing all sorts of problems and (b) no matter how many closed beta testers you have, you will never find all the bugs. I've changed my thoughts on that. One of the reasons was after I thought about the way the Linux kernel is developed--you have the stable even number releases (1.2, 2.0) and the experiemental odd numbered ones (1.3, 2.1). I may adopt such a system for future patches and updates of platforms--as long as users understand that test versions (which are labeled as such) are certainly that. They are test releases that you may want to try out (and you are encouraged! Download it, try it out and if something is broken, email the author!) and once the test phases is completed, an official release will be made available.

Some notes about test releases, however. They shouldn't be that widespread. In other words, it is preferred if sites did not mirror the test release files, since a new release would come out any time to obselete it. If it's mirrored everywhere, it makes it harder to delete the bad release (and there will be bad releases--this stuff is hot off the press to get immediately widespread testing).

I hope this new method will speed up the test/release cycle in the future.

Happy Holidays everyone. I'm off for the holiday period, but hope to finish up the QuakeWorld releases when I get back just before the new year.

/// Zoid.

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