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    Milton conquers

    13.11.2004 - Slaughter

    Late tonight Milton won Gamer in the grande finale of All maps possible were needed to settle the final score. Milton, coming from the winner's bracket, needed to win only one best-of-5-game, whereas Gamer needed to win both of the games to secure the title. So a total of 100 minutes of nerv-breaking dueling was needed to resolve the winner of the tournament.

    The first game went to Gamer, who won dm6, aerowalk and dm2 as Milton won 'only' skull and dm4. In the second game the map-wins were identical to the first game until the last map in the grande finale: dm2. It was a thriller, where Milton had a one-frag lead a long time: first Milton got 0-(-1) lead and then it turned into 1-0. After that Milton just tried to secure his victory by hiding and running away from Gamer (just about the same things Gamer did in the first dm2). Gamer nearly got the frags tied when only ~15 seconds was left in the clock. Gamer sneaked to RA-Mega without Milton really noticing and got 2-3 straight rl-hits to Milton, who had to flee to the center through the teleport. When Gamer followed, the tables turned and Milton got some nice rl-hits to Gamer eventually fragging him and leaving ~20h to Milton. One last spawn frag and the final score in the deciding dm2-round was 3-0 for Milton, thus securing the Duelmania-title to Milton. Congratulations Joni!

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