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    SSC celebrates its 7th birthday

    2.10.2004 - Blob

    We almost didn't notice that SSC had its seventh birthday. When I thought about all the time spent in this clan, i'm quite happy about the current status of SSC. So here are the main points what's happening at the moment.

    Tournaments. NQR7 is starting in a few days and we've managed to create two teams, one in div1 and one in div4. I think we will have trouble winning more than a few rounds in div1, but div4 has many skilled key players like Akhilles and Demonarch that will bring success. We have succeeded to get in to the playoffs in Sudden Death Invitational Tournament. Even though the league has been quite a disappointment, since we will probably get at least one WO from the three matches in the main series. We will see if we ever manage to play this through.

    New QuakeWorld-movie. Seni aka Akhilles and the rest of SSC has been working on a new QW-movie that will come out someday. It will be a second sequel in the Frags Done Satanic series. We will see some amazing frags and some nice teamplay moments with SSC. We will be using EzQuake to create nice visuals for the movie.

    New homepage. Slaughter has created a nice homepage for us with some nifty features. It's based on PHP+MySQL and basicly now all content management can be done entirely on a persons browsers: adding news, adding matches, uploading demos etc. Clan members have a private board that they can access through login. I think the coolest feature are the extensive amount of statistics found on the matches-section.

    Lan parties. We've formed a registered association called ssc.lan. The paperwork is still underway but soon as it's clear, we're seriously trying to organize a QuakeWorld LAN once again here in Finland.

    So those are the latest happenings about SSC in the moment. I'm happy to see that we've pulled so far and managed to built so many good things. I think SSC will be around in the QW-scene as long as there is one. The dedication of different people to this clan has made SSC what it is today. Happy Birthday SSC!



    3.10.2004 14:54:42


    You forgot to mention about our Enemy Territory -section (which is going pretty strong at the moment) and also you forgot to mention about Swedish CS-players who want to join in SSC as their own CS-section!


    3.10.2004 14:58:23


    You forgot to mention also Miika's (Slass) trip to Thailand. Miika and the local Thai-boys have made a beautiful relationship between the two different cultures.


    3.10.2004 16:28:57




    5.10.2004 20:20:00


    We have come a long way since the early days, but somehow it feels like our journey has just started.

    Eject (

    6.10.2004 14:39:06


    Gngrlations :) 7vuotta o pitkä aika

    sassa (

    9.10.2004 08:22:13


    LOVE ur page, its great


    9.10.2004 10:40:36


    Thx :)

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