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    SSC celebrates its 500th match

    10.8.2004 - Blob

    SSC achieved yesterday the 500 played matches milestone. It's a bit controversial, since we also add pracs to our page. But nonethless, I think it's a great achievement and it comes from many years of working really hard. The first game was a W.O, but the first actual game was against a great Finnish hpw-clan Impulse. As you can see from our matches, we started playing more actively from the year 2003 and we've played already 151 matches just this year. Here are the some matches that I would pick to TOP-3 from our history.

    1. Prac vs Z @ 22.12.1999 Winning a e3m7 round from the legendary finnish clan. Me and Slaughter played from Tampere University of Technology with a superb connection but with nosound.

    2. Official vs Hyvät, Pahat ja Rumat aka HPR @ 5.12.1999. HPR was the top clans in Finland at that time, so I remember well how good it felt to beat them.

    3. NQR6 Silver Tournament Bronze Final vs Eläintarha @ 17.5.2004 I really can remember the disappointing match vs Kala who dropped our way to the final. At least we could get to fight the bronze. So this was a first tournament that I really remember that SSC has officially succeeded not to mention NQR-CMT2 and cancelled Ad Mortem.



    11.8.2004 13:03:57



    leppi (

    12.8.2004 18:26:05


    wtf lol ?


    13.8.2004 10:18:55


    hooray for the boobies!


    1.9.2004 08:00:13


    Hopefully everyone now agrees to the policy that only pracs where there are no ringers or fakes are added to the matchlist. It serves nobody's interests if we add also pracs versus mixed teams.
    Or should we just stop adding pracs? I know everyone has also fragranking in mind when searching and playing with low-skilled clans and refusing to prac against div1-clans. Or is it just me...?

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