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    Quake and QuakeWorld history

    Vertigo announces that QWSM2 is ready to start.

    Jac finished QWSM-pages and opened the tourney.

    id has open-sourced the Quake 1 Source Code under the General Public License also Known as GPL. This includes WinQuake, GLQuake, QuakeWorld, and GLQuakeWorld. You can download it from id's ftp-server. Here's the q1source.txt that it's distributed with the package: This is the complete source code... [More »]

    Like id has always done something nice just before christmas, they released a new bug fixed version of official QuakeWorld client that would remain the last. Here's the post from Zoid: A new test release is now available. This addresses a few more outstanding issues in the QuakeWorld client. Assu... [More »]

    With any test release, problems tend to show up quickly. Test release 2.33-0001 is now available. Changes are: * Bug where 2.33 players would get 'stuck' after about fifteen minutes of play corrected. * New version system in that interim test releases now have build numbers. This rele... [More »]

    With any test release, problems tend to show up quickly. Test release 2.33-0001 is now available. Changes are: * Bug where 2.33 players would get 'stuck' after about fifteen minutes of play corrected. * New version system in that interim test releases now have build numbers. This rele... [More »]

    A new version with significant new features like chase cam and the pl meter in the scoreboard are introduced. Here's the changelog from earlier versions: ---------------------------------------------- QuakeWorld v2.30 Release Notes (Aug 26,1998) ---------------... [More »]

    2.21 Changes to QuakeWorld Server --------------------------------- New: - infokey(self, "ip") and infokey(self, "ping") return expected values as strings (use stof for ping). - sv_mapcheck controls map checksumming. Vis data is not included in the checksum with 2.21 clients. Fixed/Cha... [More »]

    Important stuff you want to know: * TeamFortress will NOT work with QuakeWorld 2.2 untill an update to TeamFortress is released. The TeamFortress team is aware of the problem. * Packets are now restricted to 1500 bytes for broken routers. This will alieviate problems with logon hanging... [More »]

    Satanic Slaughter Clan was founded by Slaughter(Riku Mäkinen) and Blob(Lasse Lehtinen). Founding document In the beginning... (Date: 29-Sep-97 21:36) LL = Lasse Lehtinen (Blob), RM = Riku Mäkinen (Slaughter) LL>> Voitaisiin muuten mekin perustaa joku oma Köökki-klaani, saisi pistää LL>... [More »]

    Id Software released a new version of GLQuake half year after the first v0.96. Here's the accompanied readme: Glquake v0.97, Quake v1.09 release notes 3dfx owners -- read the 3dfx.txt file. On a standard OpenGL system, all you should need to do to run glquake is put glquake.exe in your qu... [More »]

    This was a quick bug release after the 2.00. This fixes the problem with spectators being able to cause noises that players in the game could hear, and fixes the occasionaly incorrect weapon being reported in death messages. We'd like to thank everyone for the bugs/suggests that are mailed in,... [More »]

    Thresh's Quake Bible goes on-line on July 16th, 1997 with many tricks and tips that even great players didn't know about. It was readed by thousands of Quake-fanatics perhaps to catch little bit of Thresh's skill & tricks at that time. You still find a mirror here. It's a nice reading for todays Quakers about how the game was played back then.

    Dennis "LGD-Thresh" Fong wins Red Annihilation tournament on June 21st, 1997 and the prize is John Carmack's 1987 Ferrari 328 GTS. This tournament has some controversy (cheating in pre-lims, unfair map selection etc) but, manages to throw Thresh into the limelight as a superstar player. He was considered the first real pro-gamer.

    Sujoy "DC-Sujoy" Roy and Mark "DC-Carnage" Davies from England recorded the first ever public Quakeworld demo on June 10th, 1997. Quakeworld demos could not be recorded until v1.64 was released on June 13th, 1997. Sujoy and Carnage recorded their match on an unreleased version of QW v1.62.

    Scottish Quaker QL-Ettu goes on an American server (Clan 311 server) on May 27th, 1997 and destroys all the players he faces on DM4 by using sequential respawns to his advantage. John Cash from id Software is watching and is amazed by what he is seeing. Four days later, a new Quake and Quakeworld se... [More »]

    1.64 Changes to QuakeWorld Client --------------------------------- New: - Added download percentage bar. Displays filename and a bar indicating visual completeness of download and a percentage. Overwrites any text at the bottom. - Added auto-tracking camera for spectator mode. ... [More »]

    id releases Death32 and Base32 maps specifically designed for 32 players on April 3rd, 1997. Both maps are combinations of 3 original Quake maps and after a few tweaks, Death32c is widely used on servers.

    John Carmack announced that he will give away his first Ferrari (1987 328 GTS with turbocharged engine) to the winner of the Red Annihilation tournament to be held later on.

    Juha " Perkele" Kujala and Illka " Zibbo" Rajala from Finland release FAQproxy for Quake on Jan 30th, 1997. It would later transform into Qizmo for QW and QTV for Quake 3

    Id Software released a first version of GLQuake, which improves uses to OpenGL-extensions to improved the graphics of Quake significantly. In that time, most of the 3D-cards we're manufactured by 3Dfx which didn't have a full OpenGL-support so they released a Mini OpenGL-port just for GLQuake. I rem... [More »]

    Quakeworld 2.0 released! Please note this new version has changed the protocol slightly, so OLD clients cannot connect to NEW servers. New clients CAN connect to older servers, but you may notice some slight strangeness moving around, so it is recommended that that server administrators upgrade to t... [More »]

    QuakeWorld Client 1.25 was released on this very to change online-gaming forever. People were frantically downloading it from everywhere, sometimes only distributing qwcl.exe so forums and Zoid's mail getting filled with "How do I get this running!?". You can ... [More »]

    Rick Brewer, aka ^Drag0n^, the QuakeWorld ClanSkins Administrator created the guidelines for submitting clan skins to him. Later these would appear in skin packs released. Here's the guideline: GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR SUBMITTING SKINS FOR QUAKEWORLD -----------------------------------------------... [More »]

    The QuakeWorld dedicated server was released couple of days before the client. The readme's todo promises some nice features that were never actually implemented on QuakeWorld. Here's the accompanied readme: ============================ = QuakeWo... [More »]

    The QuakeWorld launch event was held on New York city even that client hadn't been actually released yet. John Carmack announced that it will released soon because they have been running difficulties with the Id programmer Michael Abrash.

    25.7.1996 - Blob

    "Quake C" is a programming language created by John Carmack specifically for Quake. While the Quake engine controls graphics, networking, and player control, Quake C controls the gameplay of Quake. Since the Quake C source code and compiler were released for free, hundreds of patches to enhance game... [More »]

    John Carmack updated his .plan file with a startling announcement. Confirming a criticism heard from some quarters, John admitted that they had not done enough testing under conditions that most users would consider typical. From that .plan update: "...the bottom line is that I was working wit... [More »]

    Version 1.06 was released on September 1, 1996. The patch for this version fixed several bugs and allowed players to connect to alternate ports on Quake servers. Here's the complete set of changes for the Quake version 1.06: ======================================= = readv106.txt - Quake 1.06 Sha... [More »]

    The first shareware version of Quake was released by id on June 24, 1996. Quake was divided into four episodes, and the shareware program contained the eight levels that comprised the first episode. Almost all of the weapons and monsters would appear in this release. The Quake phenomena exploded as ... [More »]

    31.5.1996 - Blob

    Id Software releases the full version of Quake. Version 1.01 was available through phone and mail orders, and then on a shareware CD-Rom. Players needed to purchase the CD-Rom and then call id to receive an alphanumeric code that would "unlock" the shareware CD-Rom and install the full version of Qu... [More »]

    24.2.1996 - Blob

    id released a program called "qtest1." Qtest was called a "pre-alpha" release of Quake. This release contained many of the weapons that were to appear in the registered version of Quake, but there were no monsters visable. As it turns out, qtest did ... [More »]