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    Quake and QuakeWorld history

    QuakeWorld Client 1.25 was released on this very to change online-gaming forever. People were frantically downloading it from everywhere, sometimes only distributing qwcl.exe so forums and Zoid's mail getting filled with "How do I get this running!?". You can ... [More »]

    Rick Brewer, aka ^Drag0n^, the QuakeWorld ClanSkins Administrator created the guidelines for submitting clan skins to him. Later these would appear in skin packs released. Here's the guideline: GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR SUBMITTING SKINS FOR QUAKEWORLD -----------------------------------------------... [More »]

    The QuakeWorld dedicated server was released couple of days before the client. The readme's todo promises some nice features that were never actually implemented on QuakeWorld. Here's the accompanied readme: ============================ = QuakeWo... [More »]

    The QuakeWorld launch event was held on New York city even that client hadn't been actually released yet. John Carmack announced that it will released soon because they have been running difficulties with the Id programmer Michael Abrash.

    25.7.1996 - Blob

    "Quake C" is a programming language created by John Carmack specifically for Quake. While the Quake engine controls graphics, networking, and player control, Quake C controls the gameplay of Quake. Since the Quake C source code and compiler were released for free, hundreds of patches to enhance game... [More »]

    John Carmack updated his .plan file with a startling announcement. Confirming a criticism heard from some quarters, John admitted that they had not done enough testing under conditions that most users would consider typical. From that .plan update: "...the bottom line is that I was working wit... [More »]

    Version 1.06 was released on September 1, 1996. The patch for this version fixed several bugs and allowed players to connect to alternate ports on Quake servers. Here's the complete set of changes for the Quake version 1.06: ======================================= = readv106.txt - Quake 1.06 Sha... [More »]

    The first shareware version of Quake was released by id on June 24, 1996. Quake was divided into four episodes, and the shareware program contained the eight levels that comprised the first episode. Almost all of the weapons and monsters would appear in this release. The Quake phenomena exploded as ... [More »]

    31.5.1996 - Blob

    Id Software releases the full version of Quake. Version 1.01 was available through phone and mail orders, and then on a shareware CD-Rom. Players needed to purchase the CD-Rom and then call id to receive an alphanumeric code that would "unlock" the shareware CD-Rom and install the full version of Qu... [More »]

    24.2.1996 - Blob

    id released a program called "qtest1." Qtest was called a "pre-alpha" release of Quake. This release contained many of the weapons that were to appear in the registered version of Quake, but there were no monsters visable. As it turns out, qtest did ... [More »]