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We're now through regular season in EQL12. After an even and very exiting first stage we finished third after Bad Luck Troopers and ChoseN. We have one match less than the clans mentioned above, but playing the last match has no effect in the final standings. Division 2 has been very interesting ... [More »]


EQL12 is now officially kicked off by our part as we managed to play two league-matches on last Sunday. I'm very pleased we also won both our games 2-0 straight. And that was achieved with virtually zero praccing and without a proper warmup. But I'm sure we really need to prac some if we want to fight for the top spot this season...


After buying a domain to us I've been planning on updating our pages. Finally I've made it this far we can release our new pages to general public (at least all the bots and crawlers visiting our site). Site is still under construction, but I'm sure we're getting there eventually. I'm aiming to comp... [More »]