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    Satanic Slaughter Clan - News

    7.10.2006 - Slaughter

    We are currently on a lan (SSC Lan 8.0 to be exact). We've had a load of precious qw-moments this weekend at Blob's mansion. A couple I must mention are: very t(h)ight EQL-match against LA (Lege Artis) with one map win on dm3. A bi... [More »]

    12.6.2006 - seni

    No words to describe this, you have to see it for yourself.
    Download Frags Done Satanic Eräjormat (171mb)


    6.6.2006 - Slaughter

    This is the 666-day, so 666 for all of you. We had a nice satanic mass (and some satanic mess also) this evening, I'm pleased we got so many of you to join. After this satanic day, the Satanic Slaughter Clan will be taking a summer break from QW. PS. We made our own HITLER WAR ALTAR for this day.

    1.4.2006 - Slaughter

    This is a sad moment for us all... We have decided that SSC will be no longer due to various reasons. Activity in QuakeWorld is going downhill, more and more real life obligations have occurred and the lack of real passion for the game after nearly 10 years are enough. Some of the current members of... [More »]


    After a week long wait, our host sorted out the hardware failure that happened last week. All of our data was lost, but fortunately we have always remembered to take back-ups (*cough*). Seriously speaking the fact that database was not affected saved our butts. I just hope we can pick up the remaini... [More »]


    Yep, like the topic says, a new member for our clan has spawned. The glorious day was 2006-01-31 and we hope that our future in the field of pro-QW is now guaranteed for many years to come. Here is the new member:
    (Click for larger image)... [More »]

    6.1.2006 - Blob

    This is not a QW-movie, it's more a collection of clips taken from various sessions where SSC members are drinking heavily. Seems like we atleast had fun in the year 2005. This shows the other side of SSC, gathering together and having fun. Download Frags Done Satanic Kultz (80mb)


    We decided to give away Milton with a mutual agreement and a transfer fee of 100€. We we're placed div2 and we thought it wouldn't be much fun with div0 Milton and div1 Skisso. And anyways tVS was asking Milton to join tVS, since they're short of players. I think the main lineup for EQL2 will be Ski, Slaughter, Blob and seni.