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Satanic Slaughter Clan - News


Guess it's time to wrap the first season of the European Quake League (EQL). Many losses and one victory. Never played the qualifier-games, but I think we are still put back to div1 in the next season. And it really sucks to get a prac nowadays since everyone now whines that they don't wanna play... [More »]

Quake 4

First I would like to say that personally i'm quite disappointed to Quake 4. Seems like Raven pushed out a game that still has some quite bad bugs. The physics are almost like in Q3A with just a little bit more air control. New feature in the physics engine is the crouch slide. So when you land from... [More »]

16.10.2005 - Slaughter

This is what really happened for my part:


It seems like our activity is rising along with the rest of the scene (or even more). After a very passive summer, we have actually managed to play some pracs. Nothing really serious, but those are steps to the right direction I'm sure. Sadly, there are no new news about the resurrection of the qw.n... [More »]


A lot has been going on in the Satanic Slaughter Clan camp lately, here's a little update on what's how now: Last night (31.5) after a tough fight we managed to won russian fraggers 4 Honor in a five-rounded battle for the championship of Nations Quake Rank 8... [More »]


Satanic Slaughter Clan has organized various LAN events in the past and so we came up with the idea to register an association to make it even more professional. That's how SSC.lan association was created. Our first LAN event will be a LAN pa... [More »]


We have now managed to play 300 official/league matches in QuakeWorld. The milestone game was NQR 8 match against Clan Oblivion. We have also played over 400 practice matches over the years. You can also check more extensive stats for our QuakeWorld matches through out the history of SSC.


The Challenge Smackdown 6 group drawing was held by Apollyon and we were randomly picked to Group A with Game Over, Hard Guns Cew, Hyvät, Pahat ja Rumat, Riddlers, Paranoia, Postal Justice, Frag0matic, Clan Sexy and Justified Ancients of Menace. We hope to win couple of matches there and maybe lucki... [More »]


We decided to take take part in both leagues, Smackdown 6 European Division and NQR 8 in division 2. SSC will participate both as one team (no ssc-a/ssc-b). I guess most of the games will be played without Miltonizer since he is doing his military service at the time speaking. SSC wishes the best of luck to all other teams.


We took part in the QuakeWorld Capture League and managed to win couple of matches. Now we've joined the NQR CTF League season 1. I think it's nice for a change to try out this mod instead of TDM we play all the time. We've been positioned to division 2 with four other clans. Let's see how we will manage this!


A couple of weeks ago Palmu asked me if he could resurrect our CS-section and I didn't see any problems doing that. So Palmu gathered a small task force from his CS-buddies he had been playing with quite some time and established a firm alliance unde... [More »]