Slaughter - General information (answers © 21.3.2004)

1. What does QuakeWorld mean to you?


2. What is your favourite weapon in QW?


3. What do you consider being (your) TB5 at the moment?

I think TB3 + CMT4 + E3M7 :p

4. When did you join in Satanic Slaughter Clan? Why?

I'm the fucking leader and founder :e

5. Who is the best player in Satanic Slaughter Clan and why?

Milton <3 and out of respect.

6. What do you think about NQR7 and SSC's position at the moment in div2?

NQR7 will definitely be fun, especially if we got two teams SSC1 and SSC2 in the league. We will drop a few spots in the div2, because we have played all of our matches and other clans haven't, but we are still among the first three to get into the silver playoffs. Then we get to compete with clans from the lower half of div2 and div3, which is far better alternative than competing with the div1 clans.

7. Who is SSC's weakest link and why?

Monsu, because he hasn't played QW for 5 years.

8. Why do most of the members of SSC drink so much and who's the biggest drunk?

We must keep up appearances, because this clan needs to look twisted and evil to outsiders. Maybe I would crown slaSS as the drunkmaster.

9. How long will you keep on playing QuakeWorld?

Till I stop playing it.

10. Tell me something about posg; What is it and what does it mean?

11. Do you like your clanmates? If not, why? Any particular players you dislike?

In a certain level yes. We know each others IRL so that helps alot.

12. What kind of music do you listen?

Black metal & gabber. Maximally dark&brutal shit.

13. Tell me your favorite qw player and clan?

I don't really have a favourite player, but clan is obviously SSC.

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