Satanic Slaughter Clan
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    Slaughter's personal statistics

    Fragrank development:

    Fragrank development for Slaughter

    Number of rounds played:


    Total frags:


    Average frags:

    45.3 frags/round

    Playing activity:


    Frag records:

    Best fragcount:

    160 frags @ E3M7: The Haunted Halls vs. Justified Ancients of Menace 29.2.2004

    Worst fragcount:

    -3 frags @ DM2: Claustrophobopolis vs. The Viper Squad 11.7.2001

    Best map:

    SCHLOSS: Schloss Adler (60 frags on average in 18 rounds)

    Worst map:

    DM3: The Abandoned Base (40.9 frags on average in 530 rounds)

    Best average frags:

    75.5 frags vs. mumS (14 rounds played)

    Worst average frags:

    20 frags vs. Clan X (11 rounds played)

    Winning efficiencies:

    Satanic Slaughter Clan has a 56.5% winning efficiency when Slaughter plays.

    Satanic Slaughter Clan has a 57.3% winning efficiency when Slaughter does not play.


    Most frequent opponent:

    Suddendeath (83 rounds played)

    Most frequent map:

    DM3: The Abandoned Base (530 rounds played)

    Reports written:


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