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Facelift history of SSC's site

Satanic Slaughter Clan's site has undergone a several facelifts. Here's a list of our site's different layouts throughout the years:

Layout design 1998-1999

1998 – 1999

Design: Blob & Slaughter

Markup: Blob & Slaughter

This was actually the second layout we made for our pages; the first one is sadly missing. Kind of a straightforward layout with frames.

Layout design 1999-2000

1999 – 2000

Design: Blob & Slaughter

Markup: Blob & Slaughter

This one actually had the original menu bar (as I recall), but the logo and other style and markup were different than in the original layout.

Layout design 2000-2002

2000 – 2002

Design: Blob & Slaughter

Markup: Slaughter

Previous layouts were quite shortlived, but this one was online for a couple of years. The trademark for this layout was without a doubt the animated gifs on the front page of our saviour jesus fucking christ...

Layout design 2002-2004

2002 – 2004

Design: seni

Markup & coding: Slaughter & Blob

I think we made a complete U-turn with this layout demonstrating heart shapes and pink colour throughout the pages and everything is so sweet and soft. We had actually a working dating service included with a peak of 50+ dating profiles. Demonarch even found a girlfriend through the service. This was also the first time we incorporated some dynamic elements to the pages with JavaScript, CGI and PHP.

Layout design 2004-2010

2004 – 2010

Design: Demonarch

Coding: Slaughter

One of the most major facelifts we have done. This layout was online for many years. This time all the contents were generated dynamically with MySQL/PHP. Pretty much all the administrative work was made possible to do through the pages, including match reporting, news posting, commenting etc.

Layout design 2010-

2010 –

Design: Demonarch & Slaughter

Coding: Slaughter

At last it was time to update the site layout to the 2010's. All markup and CSS is rewritten to comply with the latest XHTML and CSS standards. PHP-code is also rewritten for added security, coding quality and usability.